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Gay conservative gets schooled after he questions the need for Pride

Gay conservative Toby Duff
Gay conservative Toby DuffPhoto: Screenshot

Toby Duff, a young gay conservative, got roasted after questioning the need for Pride on TikTok. He says he doesn’t understand why Pride is “a thing.”

In a response video, another gay man rose to the occasion and suddenly school was in session.

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After slowly lighting a cigarette and throwing a bit of side-eye, John S. Blake casually throws some required reading materials for the class on the table.

“Because you don’t know the history or choose to ignore it,” Blake, who goes by @blackfluidpoet on the service, says bluntly.

And after running through a concise and sharp recent history of what queer folk has endured, Blake summed it up well.

“You weren’t here for the bashings and the beatings. You wouldn’t even be making a video if it wasn’t for them.”

No word yet on whether or not there will be an exam.