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Crowd shames group of Karens who accosted a Black queer couple

A group of wild Karens were shamed out of a hotel pool after they screamed at a Black lesbian couple.
A group of wild Karens were shamed out of a hotel pool after they screamed at a Black lesbian couple. Photo: Composite

A group of white women got an abrupt comeuppance after they accosted a Black queer couple at a hotel pool. The women were upset that the couple had kissed, saying there were “children present.”

But the crowd at the pool wasn’t having the women’s homophobia and erupted into cries of “Shame” until the women left the area, fuming at their public embarrassment.

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“This woman asked a female couple to stop kissing in a public pool because her kids were present. So we gave her the Cersei Lannister treatment while they were escorted out by security. SHAME!!” Instagram user artkigalos wrote along with a video of the crowd jeering the white women.

The video quickly went viral, after it was posted on Twitter too, sparking immediate schadenfreude as the Karens realize they’d made a mistake and try to scurry away.

One of the women tries to fight back, arguing with the crowd that she can’t be racist “because I’m Hispanic” and that she “lives in Oakland.”

She repeats her insults that seeing two women kissing would harm children’s morality while dropping f-bombs the entire time as kids watch the group get a lesson in morals of their own.

“Not that I don’t love an f bomb, put the white ladies who are so concerned about the children are the only ones swearing,” Kathy Griffin posted when she shared the video.

“Today I learned kissing in front of children is terrible and will corrupt them, but causing a public scene, flipping people off and loudly screaming at strangers calling them pieces of shit is setting a great example for those same children,” another user posted. “Who knew?!”

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