Woman gets handwritten apology & a new pride flag from the person who kept tearing it down

Pride flag flying against a blue sky
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A woman whose rainbow Pride flag has been stolen several times from outside of her home in Utah was moved to tears after she got an apology letter from the unknown perpetrator.

Julie Cordell-Seamons of Eagle Mountain said that she was “so impressed” that whoever kept stealing her flags admitted they were wrong and left the note – along with a new rainbow flag – on her porch.

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“I’m sorry for taking your flag last fall,” read the note. “It did not sit right with me, so I’m making it up to you guys for my actions. Have a good 2021.”

The hand-written letter

“I’m assuming it was a trick-or-treater,” Cordell-Seamons told FOX 13. “It looked like a kid from what I could tell.”

“But I was so impressed — to have an adult do that, let alone a kid, you know, admit they were wrong and try to make up for it… I seriously started tearing up. In this day and age, we don’t see that a lot, so it meant a lot to me. It warmed my heart.”

While she may never find out who stole the flags, Cordell-Seamons says she wishes them the best.

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