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Man on the street confronts women posting vulgar anti-trans stickers all over Manhattan

Two women were posting a vulgar sticker all over the streets of Manhattan.
Two women were posting a vulgar sticker all over the streets of Manhattan. Photo: Screenshot

A gay couple walking down the street in Manhattan last week noticed two women posting vulgar stickers denigrating transgender people and quickly acted to confront the two.

One of the men filmed the encounter with the trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and it quickly made national news.

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Simon Chartrand, a transgender man, can be heard shouting condemnation of the women’s bigotry as they continue walking down the street.

“You know being transphobic kills people? You want to kill innocent people with your hatred?” he yells in the video.

The stickers said, “Transwomen [sic] are men and most have a penis.”

Once he “made sure it was them putting the stickers up, I had to act, I had to record it, I had to call it out,” he told NBC News. “I had to call out the hatred for what it was.”

The women responded by calling Chartrand a “misogynist.” TERFs falsely claim that codifying transgender people’s civil rights would endanger women as if trans people don’t already exist.

“It’s not misogynist,” Chartrand responded. “You’re transphobic.”

The couple removed all of the stickers they could find before posting about the incident on social media. The news quickly went viral as New York City politicians and residents responded to the incident with their own condemnation of the bigoted women after out city council candidate Marti Gould Cummings tweeted about it.

“Transphobia has no place in District 7 or NYC,” they tweeted.

“This is bigotry that inflicts pain & violence on transgender New Yorkers. We reject and condemn this hateful act,” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer responded.

“This is disgusting and dangerous,” New York City Council member Mark D. Levine tweeted. He ended with the hashtag “#TransWomenAreWomen.”

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