A Republican House member has already filed impeachment resolution against Joe Biden

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Photo: U.S. Congress

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) – the “QAnon Rep” – filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden yesterday, literally the day after he was sworn in, saying that he is “unfit to hold the office of the Presidency.”

Meanwhile, an out Democrat is trying to pass a bill to deny Greene security clearance because of her association with bizarre conspiracy theories.

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“Meet the single most embarrassing member of Congress, someone utterly unworthy of the office she holds,” wrote Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), in a tweet with a video of Greene announcing her articles of impeachment.

In announcing her resolution for impeachment (HR 57), Greene accused Biden of a “pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President.”

Oddly, she accused Biden of the very things that Donald Trump has been accused of: having a “quid pro quo” deal with Ukraine for personal  gain and helping his son “siphon cash from America’s greatest enemies Russian and China.”

Trump’s first impeachment was about his attempts to influence Ukraine into providing allegedly damaging information about Biden’s family, and Trump has long been accused of colluding with Russia and had a secret bank account in China for personal business deals.

The resolution for impeachment came on the same day that Media Matters published a report on Greene’s social media activity. The QAnon Rep wrote in 2018 that the Parkland shooting that left 17 people dead was a false flag operation “in order to persuade the public to want strict gun control.”

She liked comments that said, “none of the School shootings were real or done by the ones who were supposedly arrested for them, They are just the image of the shooting” and that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting where 20 elementary school children were killed was a “STAGGED SHOOTING,” common conspiracy theories on the far-right.

She also liked a comment that said that “911 was done by our own Gov,” and even wrote about her belief that there is a monument in Georgia that is a tribute to the “New World Order.”

Now Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) is trying to pass a bill to deny security clearance for people like Greene.

Murphy’s bill, the Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021, would require people applying for federal security clearances to disclose their involvement in the MAGA riots or other “Stop the Steal” rallies, and if they “knowingly engaged in activities conducted by an organization or movement that spreads conspiracy theories and false information about the U.S. government.”

The bill would add the questions to the questionnaire on the application for security clearance. While people could lie on the questionnaire, background checks on applicants screen social media and other public communications of applicants.

“What we discovered was that there was a shocking number of people involved in that insurrection who seemingly live normal lives, working in government and law enforcement and the military,” Murphy told The Daily Beast. “It’s really dangerous for individuals who hold these types of views to receive a security clearance and access to classified information… if any Americans participated in the Capitol attack, or if they subscribe to these dangerous anti-government views of QAnon, then they have no business being entrusted with our nation’s secrets.”

Greene has a history of extremist rhetoric. She has referred to Black people as “slaves,” called a school shooting survivor “little Hitler,” and falsely accused a Jewish man of collaborating with Nazis.

She has also gained a name for herself for promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory, which posits that there is a secret international Satanic child sex cabal, led by Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks, which Trump was working behind-the-scenes to dismantle. She wrote at least 57 articles about the conspiracy on a now-defunct website, earning her the title of “QAnon candidate” when she ran in the 2020 elections.

Then she won her election and is now in the House.

Greene has also dabbled in anti-LGBTQ activism. She complained about a Drag Queen Story Hour in Georgia on Facebook, writing: “Trans does not mean gender change, it just means a gender refusal and gender pretending. Truth is truth, it is not a choice!!!”

She then went to the event and confronted a library worker, recording her confrontation where she asked the worker why they were hosting “an event that went against her personal beliefs as a taxpayer.”

She then posted a rambling 90-minute video where she attacked the drag queen at the event.

“That’s the abomination that just read four children’s books to children in our public library here in Alpharetta, Georgia,” Greene said.

“I do not hate or have any ill will against that man. I just don’t like that gender confusion being put on young children,” she continued.

“Now the Christians are the bad guys. We’re the bad guys,” she said. “Because we’re the protesters and we’re being hateful and we’re the ones that are the bad guys because we’re hating on people because we don’t want our children brainwashed and confused. So ridiculous.”

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