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New Cadbury commercial features a gay couple intimately “sharing” a cream egg

The two bearded young men share a chocolate egg
The two bearded young men share a chocolate egg Photo: YouTube screenshot/Cadbury UK

An ad is getting a lot of attention for showing a real-life gay couple intimately sharing a chocolate between their mouths.

The U.K. ad for Cadbury Creme Eggs – entitled “It’s the Creme Egg Golden Goobilee!” – was released earlier this week. The ad shows different kinds of Cadbury Creme Egg eaters, and one category listed is “sharers.”

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That’s when two men who are holding hands and spinning lean in to share a chocolate egg between their mouths while the excited announcer shouts, “Sharers! Yeah! We are down with that!”

All of the other categories just show one person alone, which means that the gay couple isn’t included as one of many couples but is the only couple at all in the ad.

“Calling all eggs-ibitionists!” the announcer bellows. “Let the eat-tainment begin!”

Out reports that the men in the ad are Callum Sterling and Dale K. Moran, who are a couple in real life.

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