America’s first trans state senator was just sworn in & the ceremony was beautiful

Delaware Sen. Sarah McBride (D)
Delaware Sen. Sarah McBride (D) Photo: Campaign website

The country’s first transgender state senator was just sworn into office, making her the highest-ranking transgender elected official in U.S. history.

“I’ll take my oath today on my childhood bible, given to me when I was 8 at Westminster Presbyterian Church, where I still attend today,” said Delaware Sen. Sarah McBride (D) in a tweet. “You get to pick whatever you’d like to swear in on and this is what I’ve chosen!”

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In a tweet thread, McBride described the socially-distanced swearing-in ceremony held outside Wilmington’s Claymont Community Center.

She wrote that she was sworn in wearing her wedding ring. Her husband passed away in 2014 due to cancer.

“Like every day, I’m wearing my wedding ring,” she wrote. “When I swear in with my left hand on the bible, it will be like Andy is right there with me. I know he is proud of me.”

McBride was joined by two young transgender advocates.

And discussed the historical significance of the building she was sworn in in front of.

“To the communities that raised me, molded me, supported me – thank you,” she tweeted later. “Your trust is moving and motivating. I’m ready to listen, work, and build.”

“Time and time again, I’ve had the opportunity to see there is space for people of all different backgrounds, including trans people, in our politics,” McBride told LGBTQ Nation last February.

McBride, who is the former National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, will be representing Delaware’s first district and is focused on criminal justice reform, equal access to education, affordable healthcare, and increased access to paid medical leave.

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