Lil Nas X dressed up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween & spent the next day cleaning up the internet

50 Cent/The Instagram post of Lil Nas X as Nicki Minaj
50 Cent/The Instagram post of Lil Nas X as Nicki Minaj Photo: Shutterstock/Instagram screenshot

Lil Nas X dressed up as an amazing drag version of Nicki Minaj for Halloween and then spent days responding to homophobia, including comments from rapper 50 Cent.

Nas posted a photo of himself as Minaj in her legendary pink giraffe-print catsuit from the “Super Bass” video for Halloween over the weekend.

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While most fans loves Nas’s take on the look, some decided to make it about hate.

“How much money u think Lil nas x is being paid to destroy the minds of young black kids to go against their God?” one fan commented, according to Today.

“yes because ur child is gonna say ‘lil nas x dressed up as nicki minaj so why should i worship god anymore,” Nas responded dryly.

“What the fuck, Nikki come get him !!! Lol,” 50 Cent tweeted, misspelling the hip-hop diva’s name.

“Why u in barb business?” Nas responded in a since-deleted tweet. A “barb” is a fan of Nicki Minaj.

Musician Dave East also had some comments about Nas’s costume, allegedly calling the “Old Town Road” performer “bati man,” referring to a Jamaican anti-gay slur, and telling him to “bun [burn] up.”

Nas responded by calling out East for “butchering the hell out of the [Jamaican] patois.”

Nas wasn’t done. Just this afternoon, he tweeted, “It’s november 2nd and grown men are waking up to have group discussions about a costume i wore on halloween.”

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