This gay writer had the best clapback to his horrifically homophobic father

Mark Shenton
Mark Shenton Photo: John Thaxter/via Wikipedia

A writer posted a horrifying message to Twitter he just received from his father calling him an “abomination” and saying that he is “under a severe attack from Satan.” And he shared his amazing response to his father’s homophobia.

Mark Shenton posted the email from his father, saying he received it yesterday.

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His father wrote that he talked to two other people, including a Pentecostal minister, and “all agree that you are under a severe attack from Satan.”

“God is on my side,” the father wrote. “You have no chance, except to rot in hell. What you do as a homosexual is against all forms of decency. You are an abomination before God. Unnatural sexual acts are forbidden by your maker. Shame on you.”

The father then brought up how Shenton was “sacked by the Sunday Express for being exposed by one of your lovers, way back when you were young.”

He was referring to how Shenton was the victim of revenge porn in 2014, when an ex posted pictures of Shenton taken in 1999 to a porn website without his consent. The U.K. paper Sunday Express fired Shenton, saying that his ex’s actions “have the potential to bring Express Newspapers into disrepute.”

“I share this not to garner sympathy, but just to say it NEVER GOES AWAY,” Shenton wrote today when he shared his father’s email. “However, I am strong, and so-called ‘Christian’ hatred will not shame me.”

“Thank you for bringing me life,” Shenton responded to his father. “But I now know that there’s more to good parenting than an ejaculation.”

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