Gay Republicans will rally in DC with white supremacists, militia groups, & neo-Nazis

Protestors rally in Black Lives Matter Plaza outside of the White House on Oct 6, 2020.
Protestors rally in Black Lives Matter Plaza outside of the White House on Oct 6, 2020. Photo: Shutterstock

Gay Republicans will join the rally in Washington, DC to protest the results of the 2020 election. Several far-right groups have pledged support for the event, including white nationalists, militia groups, QAnon believer, and neo-Nazis.

And two gay activists are helping to lead the weekend events.

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Brandon Straka, a hairdresser who founded the “Walk Away” movement meant to convince LGBTQ people to abandon the Democratic Party, will co-host a Sunday morning “Rescue America” rally with other third-rate Twitter activists and pundits.

Scott Presler, another gay man who has made a name for himself online with his rabid support for President Donald Trump, will speak at the main event on Saturday.

The gathering of the “disparate tribes of MAGA Nation” will consist of “Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, Infowars fanatics, Groypers, Proud Boys, white nationalists, neo-Nazis and the people who would simply call themselves die-hard MAGA” according to Politico.

The rally has several names depending on the group promoting it. White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany told reporters she thinks “it’s going to be quite large, um, from what I’m hearing.”

“People want to show up and have their voice heard. I mean this president — look, he got more votes than any Republican nominee, or for president I should say, in the history of our country and indeed he got more Republican votes as any nominee in the history of our party back in 2016,” she added.

Large events planned to support the president have frequently petered out with lower than expected attendance.

The far-right is supporting Trump’s decision not to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden, using laughable claims of voter fraud as his excuse. The “MAGA Nation” has echoed his claims along with other prominent Republican politicians, despite overwhelming evidence that no fraud happened.

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