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Pete Buttigieg delivered some absolutely savage lines about Mike Pence on Fox News

Pete Buttigieg
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Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg had some savage lines for Mike Pence yesterday in an interview about the vice presidential debate that are lighting up Twitter.

Buttigieg was on Fox News when host Martha McCallum asked him to explain why Sen. Kamala Harris isn’t talking much about Medicare for All now compared to when she was a candidate in the Democratic presidential primary last year.

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The answer should have been obvious enough: instead of running her own campaign, she’s running with Joe Biden, and his preferred solution for health care is centered around creating a public option modeled on Medicare.

And Buttigieg made the connection to another politician who changed his tune when he was chosen to be someone else’s running mate.

“Well, there’s a classic parlor game of trying to find a little bit of daylight between running mates,” Buttigieg replied. “If people want to play that game, we could look into why an evangelical Christian like Mike Pence wants to be on a ticket with a president caught with a porn star.”

The out mayor was referring to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Donald Trump allegedly paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about their sexual relationship.

Buttigieg also brought up how Pence “feels about the immigration policy he called unconstitutional before he decided to team up with Donald Trump. If folks want to play that game, we could do it all night.”

One Twitter user pointed out that McCallum didn’t appear to enjoy Mayor Pete’s answer all that much.

On MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, Buttigieg called the former governor of his home state a “talking points machine.”

“As we saw in 2016, Mike Pence is someone who is comfortable saying things that are utterly false with a completely straight face,” Buttigieg said. “It’s one of the reasons that he’s actually a very effective debater. And we wanted to make sure that we’re prepared for that.”

He said that Pence lies in a “more soothing, much more calming way than Donald Trump but still putting out those same falsehoods.”

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