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The new video for Demi Lovato’s “Commander in Chief” is a scathing takedown of Donald Trump

A White House protest is included in the video
A White House protest is included in the video Photo: YouTube screenshot/Lincoln Project

Out musician Demi Lovato’s song “Commander in Chief” has a new music video made by the Lincoln Project encouraging people to vote against Donald Trump.

Lovato’s song is an anti-Trump protest song that she released two weeks ago that speaks directly to Trump, appealing to his humanity.

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“Honestly, if I did the things you do,” she sings, “I couldn’t sleep. Seriously, do you even know the truth? We’re in a state of crisis, people are dying while you line your pockets deep. Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still be able to breathe?”

The Lincoln Project is a PAC formed by a group of Republicans who oppose Trump and it has produced and aired some hard-hitting ads to get people to vote for Joe Biden.

The group produced a video that tears the Trump years apart, set to Lovato’s music. The video shows protestors being attacked by police officers, patients on ventilators in hospitals, health care professionals protesting, and, ultimately, people voting.

The video has also been turned into a one-minute ad spot.

“This video has left me absolutely speechless,” Lovato said. “This perfectly spotlights where our country is right now. We deserve better as a nation. I’m so inspired by everyone that is making noise in their communities, submitting their ballots early, and taking this pandemic seriously. If we all do our part, we can make a change. I believe in us.”

“We are grateful to Demi Lovato and her entire team for giving the Lincoln Project the opportunity to do something so dynamic and creatively out-of-the-box,” said Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project. “This song resonates so strongly with such a diverse audience, we could not have imagined a better closing argument to make in these final days of this campaign than the one this video makes.”

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