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Christian who tried to launch a “Fa***ts Are Maggots” tour lost his job delivering FedEx packages

Michael Heath
Michael HeathPhoto: Vimeo screenshot/Rightwing Watch

Michael Heath, an anti-LGBTQ activist best known for planning a “Fa***ts Are Maggots” tour, said last week that he lost his job due to his anti-LGBTQ views.

This past February, Heath, who runs Helping Hands Ministries, said that he was “inspired by the work of Donald Trump” to tour the country and tell people, “Maggots consume the rancid flesh of rotting dead things. Fa***ts are no different.”

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A week later, he said the tour was canceled because he couldn’t get support from Pope Francis or Tony Perkins, the leader of the Family Research Council, an SPLC designated hate group.

Now Heath is saying he lost his job as an independent contractor for FedEx.

On far-right activist Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass The Salt Live” livestream, he said that his badge and his key to a truck were taken away from him.

“A lot of this is speculation, but I’m assuming what it means is that the corporation has disqualified me to step foot on FedEx property,” Heath said.

He technically wasn’t fired – it appears he was not formally employed by FedEx but rather was an independent driver for an independent contractor that worked with FedEx. This means that he wasn’t given a formal reason for why he lost his job, but he did speculate.

“The corporation has decided, ‘He wore the purple, he said that homosexuality is wrong, he used the word ‘fa***ts,’ he can’t represent us anymore,” Heath said.

In February, Heath said that he wanted to speak out against LGBTQ people in vulgar terms because Trump “insults his enemies.”

Heath said that he’s “beyond sick and tired of being told that I can’t call sodomites fa***ts,” saying that homosexuality “is aimed at the heart of a civilization’s manhood.”

“It is designed to emasculate and weaken everything and everyone,” he said. “And it is boring as hell.”

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