Trump’s Tulsa rally was a disaster but the online trolling is delicious

Trump’s Tulsa rally was a disaster but the online trolling is delicious
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Donald Trump’s big comeback rally – a large indoor rally held during a pandemic – in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a major disaster when the white supremacists and evangelicals he’s courted failed to show. After touting that “a million” people had requested tickets, the campaign was humiliated when only 6200 people showed up, leaving the stadium two-thirds empty and an outside “overflow” section abandoned.

Social media being what it is, memes and snark have further embarrassed the notoriously thin-skinned president.

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While Trump’s campaign blamed “fake media” coverage of the pandemic and his tweets that encouraged racist violence, K-Pop fans and Tik-Tok users claimed credit for the inflated interest in tickets. Thousands had signed up to attend with no intent to show up, leaving the campaign flat-footed after the throng they expected failed to materialize.

Adding to the unintended humor, during his speech, Trump responded to chatter about his health after he spoke at a graduation ceremony at West Point and had to use both hands to hold a glass of water. The president also said he walked off the stage slowly because the ramp was “brutal” since he was wearing leather soled shoes.

Trump reportedly threw several tantrums after he found out that “overwhelming” crowd he had touted all week failed to show up. But by the time he landed back at the White House, he looked utterly defeated, which social media users dubbed his “walk of shame.”

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