Pride in Pictures: Three people sobbed in her arms

Pride in Pictures: Three people sobbed in her arms
Photo: Anne Curto

So we can celebrate virtually, LGBTQ Nation asked our readers to share a photo with us from the first time they went to Pride. Submissions poured in from around the world, spanning every year from 1970 to 2019.

We’ve selected 30 of our favorite photos and stories so we can celebrate with a Pride In Pictures special series and we’ll be sharing them with you every day this month.


Anne Curto


Chicago, Illinois

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What makes this photo special to you?

“My mom really wanted to get involved with the LGBT community. Last year, I sent her a post about Free Mom Hugs. She immediately emailed her local chapter and got involved!

Her and her two friends came to Chicago to celebrate pride and we were asked to be in the parade! I didn’t really know what to expect, just thought it would be us walking in the parade waving giving the occasional hug. Wow, was I wrong. She probably gave 50+ hugs…her face was just covered in glitter. She was a TROOPER.

Anne Curto

I was moved to tears more than once by this woman’s love and kindness. Three people sobbed in her arms. She held their face with two hands and told them how much she loved them and there are people that accept them just as they are. I must say, it will be one of the top memories for the rest of my life. She changed lives at the parade and I got to witness that first hand. I didn’t think it was possible to love my mom anymore than I did! The pride parade will always be a day I will NEVER forget and I am a completely different person today because of it.”

Anne Curto

How do we celebrate Pride when police are still beating & killing us?

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