Ruth Bader Ginsburg back in hospital with infection

New York City, June 30, 2018 - Person holding a sign at the Families Belong Together March for immigrants in Lower Manhattan.
New York City, June 30, 2018 - Person holding a sign at the Families Belong Together March for immigrants in Lower Manhattan.Photo: Shutterstock

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized for an infection caused by a gallstone. The beloved liberal lion should easily recover and is expected to participate in court arguments today by telephone from her hospital bed.

Ginsburg has been repeatedly hospitalized in recent years, leaving progressives with palpitations that she could die and President Donald Trump could nominate another extremist conservative to the nation’s highest court.

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The Justice has been treated four times for cancer, most recently in August of last year. In 2018, she missed court arguments for the first time since she was elevated to the bench in 1993 as she recuperated from lung surgery to remove cancerous growths.

In November 2018, Ginsburg, known by her nickname “Notorious RBG” for her inability to suffer foolishness and sharp wit, fell in her office and was hospitalized for fractured ribs. She is also known for her strong work ethic.

At the time, a popular tweet summed up liberal’s feelings about the popular Justice.

“Can we just wrap Ruth Bader Ginsburg in bubble wrap and carry her around in a sedan chair for the next two or more years because she is currently our country’s most precious natural resource,” Jeff Tiedrich tweeted.

The reaction on Twitter to the latest hospitalization is similar. Even conservatives tend to give the 87-year-old Ginsburg respect.

One response by the Twitter account LiquidEvilGaming, for example, noted, “Loathe her politics but have to give credit where it’s due, incredible work ethic and very strong person to go through everything she has recently and keep going right back at it.”

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