Gay couple’s heartbreakingly beautiful wedding photos show love during pandemic

César Salza and Kyle Hill
César Salza and Kyle HillPhoto: Instagram/César Salza

César Salza and Kyle Hill were ready to get married. The couple had a license, supportive family, and plans for a gorgeous ceremony. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit and the world was locked down, the two had to change their plans.

The men were married in a friend’s backyard in a socially distant ceremony witnessed by a handful of friends. But three photos posted on Salza’s Instagram have become a heartbreakingly beautiful look at love during a pandemic.

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“We had planned on something in June but we realized quickly with COVID-19 that it wouldn’t be possible,” Hill told the Bay Area Reporter.

The San Francisco-area couple posted about their dilemma on Facebook and were soon hooked up with a gay man who is a San Francisco marriage commissioner. The men invited seven guests to keep the number in attendance at 10 as required by social distancing guidelines.

“The pandemic couldn’t stop us,” Salza wrote on Instagram. “Don’t worry we practice social distancing with the rest of witnesses.”

The couple met on Tinder after they both swiped right “at the same time.”

“The question is always who swiped right first,” Hill told B.A.R. “We started chatting and I tend to be more shy on dating apps but we decided to meet, and we met, and here we are.”

The men plan to honeymoon in Mexico next year after stay-at-home orders are lifted and host a celebration there.

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