Ellen gives her mom a butch buzz cut for her 90th birthday

Ellen cutting her mom's hair
Ellen's birthday present to her mom.Photo: Screenshot/Instagram

Ellen’s mother Betty DeGeneres just turned 90-years-old, and she got a present befitting a PFLAG mom: a butch buzz cut from her lesbian daughter.

Betty, born in 1930, has stood by her famous daughter’s side since she came out, even appearing in the coming out episode of Ellen’s sitcom. She became an active member of PFLAG, took on the role of spokesperson for HRC’s National Coming Out Project in the late 90s, and wrote an advice column for the old LGBTQ website PlanetOut entitled “Ask Betty.”

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In an Instagram video, Ellen uses clippers to cut her mother’s hair.

“Why am I letting her do this?” Betty asks, to which Ellen responds: “Because it’s your birthday.”

Betty asks Ellen if she can use scissors, but it’s clippers all the way.

The mom looks in the mirror after the haircut exclaimed, “Oh wow, you really cut it short.”

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90th birthday present for my Mama.

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