Ellen is at “the end of her rope” after multiple accusations of being the “Queen of Mean”

Ellen DeGeneres at the 41st Annual People's Choice Awards held at the Nokia L.A. Live Theatre in Los Angeles on January 7, 2015.
Ellen DeGeneres at the 41st Annual People's Choice Awards held at the Nokia L.A. Live Theatre in Los Angeles on January 7, 2015.Photo: Shutterstock

The “Queen of Nice” Ellen DeGeneres, is reportedly “at the end of her rope” as multiple allegations surface that’s she demeaning to guests, treats staff poorly, and holds grudges against other comics.

In 2016, comedian Kathy Griffin not-so-subtly accused DeGeneres of treating her and Joan Rivers badly, saying DeGeneres “has a mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about.”

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Controversy has swirled around the daytime TV host for months after popular YouTuber Nikkie de Jager accused her of being “cold and distant” during an appearance on the show and not giving her a private bathroom. Shortly after, Ellen rebooted the show in her home to comply with coronavirus prevention measures, but her staff accused her of using a non-union contractor while leaving them in the dark about their employment status.

Ellen’s former bodyguard also stepped forward to accuse the comic of being “demeaning,” saying Portia Di Rossi was actually the “nice” partner in the relationship.

“Ellen’s so grateful to have Portia in her life as a soulmate and a sounding board, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy,” an insider told Us. “Their home life is strained right now.… Her real friends never ask her to be funny or tell jokes. They accept her as is.”

Another unnamed source said that Ellen didn’t think the accusations of being mean would last as long as they have.

“She thought this was all just sour grapes from a few haters,” the source said. “But it’s not a passing thing — the hits just keep coming.”

“Ellen is at the end of her rope.”

But the other source said that these accusations won’t be the end of Ellen’s career.

“Ellen’s been in our homes for so long, it’ll take a lot more than a bodyguard and a blogger to change how people feel about her,” they said. “Her best response is just being happy Ellen on the show every day.”

Kathy Griffin, though, would probably disagree.

“I’m almost positive a certain beloved daytime talk show host once had me kicked out of a backstage dressing room at the Emmy Awards,” Griffin wrote in a tell-all book several years ago. “I can’t prove it, but this person, who has short blonde hair, has a mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about.”

Griffin said DeGeneres called her, letting loose with a “rant” that left her in tears. Years later, Griffin said she tried to cajole DeGeneres into appearing at a tribute for Joan Rivers. DeGeneres reportedly shunned Rivers, calling her “vulgar” and rude.

According to Griffin, DeGeneres told her, “There’s a difference between mean and funny.”

“That fucking set me off,” Griffin said. “So we had a fight in which I used inflammatory words like, ‘Look you fucking untalented hack.’”

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