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These 20 photos of queer moms are just what you need for Mother’s Day

lesbian Mother's Day
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Happy Mother’s Day to all the surrogate, lesbian, and bisexual mothers who are raising kids and showing the world that we can raise families, live, and love proudly in our schools and communities.

To celebrate, we found 20 lovely pictures of same-sex moms and their kids spending time together and loving one another. We hope they make you smile whether you’re a mother, have a mother, or know some great moms worthy of celebrating.

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The modern visibility of lesbian, bi, and queer moms is all the more astounding when you realize that Hallmark, the oldest and largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the U.S., only started making greeting cards to celebrate LGBTQ mothers back in 2014.

Hallmark began making cards for same-sex marriage back in 2008, but we know that queer couples and mothers have been raising kids for far longer.

In fact, statistics now tell us about LGBTQ moms and the challenges they face just to raise kids as their authentic selves.

According to data from Family Equality, an organization dedicated to advancing legal and lived equality for LGBTQ families, between 2 million and 3.7 million children under age 18 have an LGBTQ parent, and only 200,000 of those kids are being raised by couples. That means that a majority of queer mothers are actually doing it on their own — a testament to their fortitude, determination, and strength!

While some LGBTQ moms have children through assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy, many choose adoption and foster care to form their families. In fact, same-sex couples are six times more likely to foster children,
and at least four times more likely to adopt than different-sex couples.

But being a queer mom isn’t all greeting cards and breakfasts in bed. They face higher rates of poverty and over a third have experienced homophobia from other parents. But despite these and other challenges, a recent study showed that lesbian mothers raise children just as healthy as mixed-gender parents.

So let’s take a second and honor the compassion and strength LGBTQ mother have to offer — thanks for the love, moms!

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HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY! @babybaileymamadrama Happy St. Patrick’s Day today! 🍀 I know many schools aren’t celebrating today and celebrating for anyone, is the last thing on their mind. Hoping we see some luck for the world soon 🍀 Perhaps the leprechaun can make its way back through schools once they open again. I’ll be doing some fun things with Kennedy and Charlotte for St. Patrick’s Day from home today! I just wanted to say I’m thinking of everyone. Spreading love and kindness are so key during such a hard time. I see it everywhere 🙌 We can all stick together all over the world thanks to social media. I have seen so many great posts about educational things for kids to do while not in school. Feel free to message me if you have any elementary teacher questions! Hopefully I can help 😉 • • • • #stpatricksday2020 #The_LGBT_Mummies_Tribe🌈 #LGBTParents #LGBTMummies #LGBTMommies #Mum #Mom #Team2Moms #Team2Mums #LesbianMums #GayMums #GayMoms #LesbianMoms #SameSexParents #2Mummies #2Mommies #Fertility #IUI #IVF #ReciprocalIVF #Pregnant #Pregnancy #Fostering #Adoption #Lesbian #FertilityTreatment #Bride&Bride #Mrs&Mrs

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My new co-workers! How do we hand both of us working from home and entertaining a toddler all day? SHIFTS! Grey wakes at 5:30am & waste no time getting his day started. Cait and i do have to work as a team because it’s not easy hosting a zoom meeting with Grey in my lap Don’t get me wrong, he is adorable but he slams on my keyboard and sends emails to people without me knowing, until i get their response Needless to say, it’s a tag team effort to get Grey out of the house when one of us has a call Lucky for us Grey does a great job entertaining himself for the most part We can both plug in and watch him play and that usually buys us a good chunk of time I do look forward to 5:00pm when we all can hang as a family. Is that weird? Considering we are all together all day long… What does your work from home day look like? Or are you still required to report to an actual location?

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It’s sometimes hard to believe what’s happening in the world today. I never imagined myself not teaching in my classroom and finishing out the school year from a computer. There are so many things I look forward to at the end of the school year. I look forward to the field trips to the pool, bowling with my students, playing outdoor games, and big hugs goodbye as we welcome summer. I didn’t get to say goodbye this year 😢 but I know, that we are doing our best to keep children safe, healthy and educated during this time. I love working with kids. I spend my days teaching and then come home to our two girls. @walgreens also loves keeping kids safe, healthy and well-educated during this time of need. #RedNoseDay is back but it looks a bit different this year. Walgreens is launching the Red Nose as a digital filter so we can all support the cause safely from home. Red Nose Day is an annual charitable campaign to raise money and awareness to help end child poverty. Simply donate online, put your Red #NosesOn with the filter, and help children. Child poverty is higher now due to communities heavily impacted by COVID-19. We love helping others and we had fun doing so too ❤️ Check out our fun with the Red Nose filter 👉 A little can go a long way during this time 💗 What was something you or your kids were looking forward to that changed due to the stay-at-home order? • • • • • #ad #Lovewinsalways #lovemakesafamily #queeractivists #lovehasnolabels #lesbianfamily #lesbianmoms #lgbtqfamily #ssparents #thisislove #twomomfamily #lesbiancouple #twomoms #girlswhokissgirls #wifeandwife #mrsandmrs #loveislove #loveislove🌈#lgbtqlove #equalitymatters #equallove #twomomsquad #quarantine2020 #quarantined #shelterinplace #shelterinplace2020

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Happy Mother's Day, loves! 💐 We've had a lovely day, sunbathing and playing with Annabelle in the sun (how incredible was the sunshine today!? ☀️), playing ball with Bisbee and cooking/eating a delicious roast. . . Annabelle drew on cards for us both and gave us flowers. 🌷 We were able to deliver Sarah's mum flowers and spend a bit of time outside with her too, which was wonderful. It's my first without my own Mum which has felt a bit tough – I've gotten her a card from Annabelle, not really sure why but it was the perfect card, I will put it in stories. Any ideas on what to do with it welcome 🤔 What did you all get up to today? Hope it was great, even if it meant seeing your Mum on video or in different rooms, due to isolation! (Big hugs if this was you!) ❤️ Lx . . . . . #mothersday #happymothersday #mothersanddaughters #twomums #mumlife #lgbtfamily #lgbtmummies #springxparents #lgbtbloggers #mumbloggers #honestparenting #motherhoodunplugged #femmevisibility #femmelesbians #femmecouple #lesbiancouple #samesexparents xx

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A PESAR DE LA CUARENTENA… . Y es que, a pesar de la cuarenta y de todo lo que está ocurriendo, a pesar de las pérdidas, lo que me he dado cuenta es que estamos ganando en tiempo con la familia, ese tiempo que a veces hemos echado de menos y hemos pedido a los cuatro vientos.Ahora yo disfruto de los míos, aunque me falte mucha de la gente que quiero, estamos disfrutando como pareja y como madres de nuestro Enzo, y eso no tiene precio. . ¿QUE ESTÁS HACIENDO AHORA QUE ANTES NO PODÍAS? Cuéntame 👇🏽👀 . . #AhoraEsBuenMomento #colaboraciones #colaboracion #mamisyamiguis #photo #tiempoenfamilia #familia #familytime #family #familiahomoparental #dosmamas #blog #influencer #bloguerasespañolas #girls #lesbianpositivity #lesbianvids #cuarentena #nosotrosnosquedamosencasa #togemabe #publicidadonline #lgtbespaña @Carbonell_es #madresinfiltros

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Mi primera Pascua 🐣👩‍👩‍👧🐰

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We’ve noticed some new faces around here so we thought we would start your Tuesday off with a little introduction! 🌈 . Hi 👋🏻 we are Sierra + Bri Ferrell. We’ve been together 6 years – married for 3, & have an adorable son named Oliver! We met in Idaho where we were both working at the same apartment complex…(but that’s a crazy story I’ll save for another day 😆) . After we met we were inseparable and a couple months after we started dating, we sold almost everything we owned. We stuffed what little we had left in my tiny Mazda hatchback and moved across the country to Bri’s hometown, helping her family! 🚗 After settling in we met Oliver’s donor, and started the process of having a family of our own. . Oliver is now almost 4, has the biggest personality, and the sweetest laugh – it’s infectious. He absolutely loves documentaries, & has an obsession with all things ocean. He can name almost every sea animal out there, it’s actually pretty amazing! Oliver also happens to have autism, GDD, & CVS – but none of these things define him. 🤍🤍 . We use our voice to advocate for LGBTQ+ families and also for kiddos with special needs, like Oliver. We want people to see our everyday normal, and know it’s nothing to be afraid of! 🌈 . Thanks so much for being here 🤍 Do we have anything in common? Share a fun fact about you below, so we can get to know you a little better too! ⬇️😁

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay!! Continue to kick ass and take names like the powerful Woman YOU are 😘 I am beyond thankful for the countless Women in my life that have taught me, molded me, helped me, pushed me, believed in me, and loved me! And most thankful for my Mom that has done all of the above times Infinity. She’s a real SuperHero and Raya and I will continue to live up to her incredible example of a Powerful Woman. Also, I couldn’t pick just one: “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” -G.D. Anderson 🖤 “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” -Maya Angelou 🖤 “There’s no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” -Michelle Obama 🖤 Here’s to strong women 💪 May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

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"The only thing constant in life is change" Relationship longevity is tough because you're trying to maintain something while literally everything is changing. People have tried to figure it out for years and who knows if we've even figured it out. But, I think a big part of it is change…as in not expecting each other nor your relationship to stay the same forever. It's finding someone who is good for you at that point in your life and hoping that, as the two of you mature and change, as inevitably will happens over the lifecourse, that it's not happening at vastly disparate rates from one another. But also, that if they are changing at different rates, that one of you isn't trying to prevent that growth in the other.

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