Tiger King Joe Exotic is a “really big” Trump supporter because of course he is

President Donald Trump and jailed former "zookeeper" Joe Exotic
President Donald Trump and jailed former "zookeeper" Joe ExoticPhoto: composite: Shutterstock/Netflix

Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic may be stuck in jail, but almost everyone else in the hit Netflix series is having their moment in the sun. And none more than his husband, Dillon Passage.

But in an interview with the British TV show This Morning, Passage let loose with another reason to dislike Exotic (legal name Joseph Maldonado-Passage) more. He’s a “really big” Trump supporter according to Passage.

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Exotic, imprisoned for hiring a hitman to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin, is serving a 22-year sentence and has asked Trump for a pardon. The president said he would “look into it” during a White House coronavirus briefing.

Passage was discussing Exotic’s request when he told the hosts, “It’s kind of a big deal having the president address something like that.”

“Joe is a really big Trump supporter. When Joe heard that Trump was going to look into it he was really excited to see what could possibly happen.”

While the show insinuates that Exotic could have been framed by a rival in the exotic animal trade, his animal abuse and Endangered Species Act violations are not disputed by anyone but Exotic.

The flim-flam showman has been frequently compared to the president. They are both compulsive liars, misogynists, and business cheats with a penchant for bitter grudges against perceived enemies.

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