New Power Rangers reboot could feature gay & trans rangers

Power Rangers
Power Rangers Photo: Lionsgate

The Power Rangers reboot may feature a transgender and a gay character, according to sources reportedly in the know. A previous version of the franchise included a lesbian ranger.

The hit franchise currently includes 27 television seasons over 20 different themed series and three theatrical films. This would be the first transgender character to appear since it debuted in 1993.

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Each version of the series features a team of five teenagers recruited by a wizard to fight the latest enemy threatening humanity. They have special powers and morph into color-coded superheroes, the Power Rangers.

We Got This Covered reports that one of the female characters will be trans. They also say the Blue Ranger will be gay and the Red Ranger will be female. Only the red and blue rangers have appeared in every incarnation.

Trini, the yellow ranger in Lionsgate’s 2017 movie, had a line that included a reference to her girlfriend when the other characters thought she was having “boyfriend troubles.”

David Yost, the out actor who played the original Blue Power Ranger on the TV series, left after suffering anti-gay harassment while on set.

The Paramount reboot of the series was announced in 2019.


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