Ina Garten shares the best cosmo recipe to drink “during a crisis”

Ina Garten pouring her cosmo into an enormous martini glass
There's always time for a cocktail! Photo: Instagram screenshot/Ina Garten

Food Network host Ina Garten wants to help you get wasted during the pandemic, so she put together a simple cosmopolitan recipe.

In a video posted to Instagram, the “Barefoot Contessa” made her favorite cosmo using only a few quarts of alcohol.

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“You never know who’s going to stop by,” Garten said before correcting herself: “Wait a minute, nobody’s stopping by.”

Her recipe? Two cups of vodka, one cup of Cointreau, one cup of cranberry juice, and a half-cup of lime juice… freshly squeezed, of course.

Makes two cosmopolitans. You can trust her math; she used to be a White House budget analyst.



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