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Donald Trump’s favorite anti-LGBTQ network is telling people not to follow coronavirus rules

Donald Trump's reaction to the coronavirus has been predictably dumb.
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Donald Trump’s love of a far-right, anti-LGBTQ network was called out on Last Week Tonight as the channel has been telling viewers to ignore coronavirus prevention measures like stay-at-home orders.

Host John Oliver, who was broadcasting without an audience because of the current pandemic, did a segment on the One America News Network (OANN). Trump has repeatedly called on the network to ask questions during briefings, mainly because those questions are often thinly-veiled attacks on the left instead of actual questions to get information that people want to know from Trump.

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OANN has a history of anti-LGBTQ bias. In 2018, they reported that a conversion therapy ban would “prohibit the sale of the Bible,” a claim that Snopes rated as false (the bill had nothing to do with the sales of any books, much less the Bible).

And their antipathy isn’t limited to LGBTQ humans. Last year, an OANN host called out a zoo for not announcing the sex of a penguin, saying that the zoo is attacking “traditional marriage” and trying to make people dependent on “the government” in a rambling rant.

“Don’t let transgender penguins fool you,” she warned her viewers, who apparently are legitimately at risk of being fooled by waterfowl.

The network has shown extreme bias in favor of Trump, so much so that Oliver shared this tweet from OANN’s account that was later deleted:

President Trump recently gave a speech, thanking his supporters in the media. Not a single mention of One America News — one of his GREATEST supporters…

@OANN calls bullshit…

Oliver said that this misinformation and distrust of all authorities outside of Trump is “dangerous” during a global pandemic.

“OAN’s weird combination of far-right-wing talking points and dirt-stupid reporting is incredibly dangerous at a time like this,” Oliver said, citing how OAN is now comparing coronavirus prevention measures to slavery and “Hitler’s Germany” and told viewers not to follow them.

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