Pro wrestler Mike Parrow just married his boyfriend in a beautiful ceremony

Out gay pro-wrestler Mike Parrow recently married his longtime partner Morgan Cole
Photo: Screen capture

Loved ones of gay professional wrestler Mike Parrow came together this last Saturday to witness his wedding to his longtime boyfriend, Morgan Cole.

The ceremony marked a momentary bright spot amid the global pandemic. It also marked a personal victory for the 300-pound grappler who, before he came out as gay in December 2017, said that he expected to remain closeted until his dying day.

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In an Instagram photo of Parrow and Cole published four days before their wedding, Parrow wrote, “When I first meet him I told him I was never coming out and he could only come over at night. Now I can’t imagine my life without him!”

In another Instagram post featuring images from the wedding, Parrow wrote, “My husband and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to our friends that were able join us especially during everyone’s current circumstances and to all the others who sent well wishes, it truly meant the world to us. The wedding was perfect! It does get better!”

Here is a slideshow of images from Parrow and Cole’s wedding:

When Parrow first came out in 2017, he said that he thought he would have to stay closeted to have a successful life. During that time, he unsuccessfully dated women, was insulted by gay men for being a “closet case,” and sunk into depression, alcoholism, and suicidal ideation, even undergoing so-called conversion therapy to try to change his sexual orientation.

Then Parrow started seeing a therapist and working on accepting himself, and his life improved. Around that time, he met Cole, and Cole encouraged him to come out to his family and fellow wrestlers.

“Anyone I ever told thought I was kidding,” Parrow said. “Their perception of gay men was totally different. So when I tell them, they get shocked, but every time I tell someone it gets easier rather than harder, and I always try to tell people that.”

In October 2018, Parrow showed his pride by entering his NWA wrestling match draped in the rainbow pride flag, a pretty big deal for a wrestler and a sport that have both long wrestled with homophobia.

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