Texas GOP rejects “perverted” Log Cabin Republicans request for booth at state convention

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaking at FreePac, hosted by FreedomWorks, in Phoenix, Arizona.

For over 20 years the Texas Republican Party has refused to allow Log Cabin Republicans to have a booth at their state convention. They don’t plan on breaking that pattern now.

The gay group’s request was rejected again with opponents describing the members as “immoral and perverted” people who shouldn’t be welcomed into the party. The GOP also nixed the group’s request to be recognized as an official affiliate of the party.

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While the group had the support of other organizations like Young Republicans, conservative Christians won the vote after spewing toxic hate speech.

Steven Hotze, the leader of an anti-LGBTQ religious organization and Republican kingmaker, sent emails to board members decrying the “immoral and perverted sexual proclivities” of gay people. He pointed to the popular “Drag Queen Story Time” literacy programs that have swept the nation lately as an example.

State Sen. Rob Hall (R) accused the group’s members of promoting “unnatural sex.”

“They don’t have the basic belief in the God of the Bible that we are founded on,” he said. “I could not find anywhere on their website an expression of their faith in God like you will find on a Republican website.”

“This abominable sex education that goes on in our schools where they’re trying to push unnatural sex as natural — we are not on the same side of that issue!”

A representative from Log Cabin tried to make lemonade out of the lemons last year by saying the number of people who spoke in support of accepting the group’s money to buy booth space was encouraging. Relatively speaking, it was a huge win.

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