Dad goes viral for tweeting about trans son’s party to celebrate transition

Dave and Jaden Scott
Dave and Jaden ScottPhoto: Twitter

Every kid deserves a dad like Dave Scott.

The Canadian father of two has gone viral after tweeting about his trans son’s party to celebrate starting testosterone treatment. The casual way he tells followers about the teen’s night – and the love that shines through it all – have captured the heart of social media.

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“So this month my 16yo Son started Testosterone,” Scott sent in a tweet that’s been shared thousands of times. “Today he’s throwing a 1 yr T-Versary. ”

“My kitchen is full of teens playing ‘beer’ pong and having Mock-tails, and we’ve got the chocolate fountain going. It’s a happy place. & I’m worn out with running errands all day,” he tweeted along with several emojis.

But his continued adventure through the night only made the story better. From homemade tacos to a strange mix of onions and chocolate, the fantastic father let the internet into the teens’ night with friends.

And he had an important message for other trans kids too.

“Lots of love to everybody out there. Remember, you guys are valid no matter how you transition or what your journey entails. And sometimes you can’t transition, so stay safe everybody.”

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