The transgender flag emoji has finally arrived

The transgender flag emoji has finally arrived
Photo: Unicode Consortium

The Unicode Consortium – the nonprofit organization that, among other things, decides what emoji will work on phones – has announced that the transgender flag as one of the 117 new emoji available in 2020.

LGBTQ people have been asking for the trans flag emoji for years. The Unicode Consortium had already approved many non-national flags like the U.N. flag and the pirate flag and the rainbow flag, but the trans flag was nowhere to be found.

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With the transgender flag available in new emoji expected on smartphones by September 2020, people can express their identity and their support for trans people in emoji form.

Tea Uglow, who is trans and works at Google, said on Twitter that it took four years of lobbying to get the trans flag emoji.

In addition to the transgender flag, the consortium added the transgender symbol, which combines the Venus and Mars astrological symbols that are often used to refer to women and men, respectively, with an extra arrow and stroke.

transgender symbol emoji
Unicode Consortium

Gender options are being opened up for several existing emoji, including the emoji for a woman in a wedding veil and a man in a tux. Women, men, and non-binary faces can now be used with both emoji.

man-in-veil emoji
Unicode Consortium
The woman-in-tux emoji
Unicode Consortium

A new “feeding a baby with a bottle” emoji has been added, and it’s available in all genders and skin tones.

baby-bottle emoji
Unicode Consortium

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