These holiday stories will leave you warm inside

These holiday stories will leave you warm inside
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Everyone loves a good heartwarming holiday story and LGBTQ Nation has covered several of them over the years. Some of them, however, stand out from the rest.

These eight hits from the archives weren’t just popular when they first published, they continue to circulate on social media every holiday season.

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No matter which one is your personal favorite, you’ll be so full of warm fuzzies by the end you’ll feel like you curled up next to the fire with some hot chocolate.

This campy trio of ho-ho-holiday videos will make any Grinch smile

Fire up these videos for some beautifully campy hijinks that will put a smile on your face no matter how low the mercury drops.

Make your yuletide gay with these queerest of holiday carols

Nothing kicks off a seasonal soiree like the right tunes.

The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is making this a gay holiday season

Meet the married Latina couple who donated this year’s tree from their yard.

This man turned his coming out into a literal Christmas gift to his family

“Christmas is about family. Coming out means sharing a deeply personal secret with the family. Sounds like it has a lot to do with Christmas.”

You have to see John Waters’ badass Christmas card

He has said Christmas is the “most extreme holiday” so he created a card to match.

Rediscover RuPaul’s dragalicious ‘Christmas Ball’ TV special from 1993

The show stars Elton John, Boy George, Nirvana, Little Richard, Belinda Carlisle, Fred Schneider from the B52s, and Latoya Jackson, among others.

One woman’s answer to a homophobic neighbor? 10,000 rainbow Christmas lights

Nailed it.

100 drag queens have a gay old time taking on favorite Christmas songs

Lady Galore and her Drag Queens United present a Christmas video with a fabulous lineup like no other.


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