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A British Christian wanted to protest LGBTQ people at Disney. She got banned from the US instead.

Caroline Farrow talking to Piers Morgan in 2017 about how gender-neutral children's clothing is destroying the country.
Caroline Farrow Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

Caroline Farrow, a British anti-LGBTQ activist, was banned from entering the United States and she’s blaming queer folk. She had planned to deliver a petition to Disney executives in Orlando in protest of the company’s “LGBT indoctrination.”

Farrow, who leads an anti-abortion group, regularly appears in the media to tout far right positions on LGBTQ issues. She has been court ordered to stop harassing a transgender lawyer on social media.

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The activist told the extremist Christian outlet LifeSiteNews that she was stopped at the airport and denied entry to the plane. An airline representative told her that her Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) had been denied but did not give her a reason.

“How vindictive do you have to be to go to the lengths that you would ring the U.S. embassy and attempt to have me denied entry to the country for tweeting the truth about male and female,” Farrow tweeted after being turned away.

“I’ve never been arrested,” Farrow told the site. “I’ve never even been interviewed [by police]. I don’t have a criminal record. Somebody has obviously gone to the U.S. Embassy. How vindictive is that?”

She has no proof that someone went the embassy but blamed Dr. Adrian Harrop and Peter Ede – two longtime critics – as the culprits. Ede and Harrop both tweeted in response to the news and insinuated they may have been responsible.

Harrop posted a photo of the U.S. Embassy in London with the caption, “An absolutely spectacular building… and one of London’s great modern embassies… but honestly, I always did prefer the retro and kitsch qualities of Grosvenor Square… as always, consular staff very efficient at dealing with my… important diplomatic business.”

“Ooooh this cold weather is getting me down. Anyone know somewhere warm/sunny this time of year? Is Florida nice?” Ede tweeted with a weather forecast for Orlando. “It mustn’t be anywhere that being linked to a psycho right-wing extremist organization will deny you entry to. Because people can make representations about such things. Apparently.”

After the LifeSiteNews article was published, fingering him as the culprit, he responded on Twitter.

“Oh dear @LifeSite will you swallow literally any old bulls**t this woman feeds you?” he tweeted. “As if I have the sort of ‘connections’ where I can just wander down to the U.S. Embassy to ‘have a quiet word’, and request that someone’s ESTA gets revoked!”

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