Trans man left in tears after family’s surprise show of support after his top surgery

Richard Alcântara's family wanted to show him they support him after top surgery.
Richard Alcântara's family wanted to show him they support him after top surgery.Photo: Screenshot/Facebook

A video of a transgender man’s family showing their support for him after top surgery has gone viral.

Richard Alcântara, who lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, recently had top surgery. He was going to be shirtless for the first time with his family, and he still had bandages.

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So the men in his family all put on bandages too, in solidarity. He was in tears of joy when he saw how much they love him.

Um ano atrás ele sofria com a fase de aceitação e temia a rejeição da família, já tentou contra a própria vida por…

Posted by Yuri Almeida on Monday, October 7, 2019

The video has been viewed over a million times on Facebook and has gotten over 150,000 likes on Twitter.

It was posted to Facebook by his girlfriend Yuri Almeida, who wrote about Alcântara’s journey to acceptance.

“A year ago he suffered because he was not accepted by his family, fearing rejection,” Almeida wrote. “He already tried to take his own life because of depression, but what he didn’t know is that everything has its time.”

“For those who think that these people lack God, they are wrong. They have more God in the heart than many people, they don’t need people to accept them, but need and deserve respect. We are who we are, no matter our colors, religions, opinions, or tastes.”

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