The Internet can’t stop laughing at Rickey Thompson’s latest viral video

Rickey Thompson
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Comedian Rickey Thompson has found something that we all can relate to.

Thompson is a gay internet superstar known for his inspirational and hilarious monologues that he records himself from his bedroom, where posters on his wall of Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child are prominently featured.

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In his latest video, he takes aim specifically at the “mean girls” demographic. He talks about an unknown woman who wasn’t very enthusiastic about a compliment the comedian gave her.

“So I was out today, I saw this girl,” Thompson begins in the video, “and I was like ‘Oh my gosh! You’re outfit is so cute!’ and she responds, ‘Okay, and?'”

Thompson than lets out a sarcastic chortle, followed by “Excuse me? What the fuck was that?”

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Donning a white crop top, Thompson continues, “Alright girlfriend, well how about this? I take my compliment right the fuck back, and how about this – the outfit is giving me TRASH. The outfit is giving me M-E-S-S. The outfit is giving me BLEGH – that’s right, disgusting.”

Captioned “BEING MEAN IS NOT CUTE!!!!” the 44-second video has been viewed almost 1.3 million times on Instagram alone, with 539,000 likes and counting. On Twitter, the video has also earned over 666,000 views and 75,000 likes.

On the Instagram post, YouTuber Teala Dunn commented, “IM DEADDDD AMEN,” and actress Jessi Case wrote, “Ricky for prez”.

Thomspon closes the video with “So if I’m nice, be nice right the fuck back!” a sentiment we all need to hear once in a while.

Catch the 23-year old on YouTube, Instagram (@rickeythompson), Twitter (@lifeofrickey), and as Dakota on the Youtube Red series Foursome.

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