A radio station called one of its employees a ‘f*g’ on Twitter

Seth Dunlap
Photo: Seth Dunlap/via Facebook

A radio station called one of its hosts a “faggot” on its official Twitter account.

Seth Dunlap hosts The Last Lap, a sports show on WWL Radio in New Orleans.

Last week, he wrote a post on Facebook about New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees that got some attention. Dunlap called out Brees for doing a video with the anti-LGBTQ group Focus on the Family.

“I’m asking for reflection on how your words and your seeming-embrace of an odious, bigoted organization can cause a vulnerable and constantly-attacked community to recoil,” he wrote. “If I can offer unsolicited advice; take the time to directly distance yourself from these hateful people.”

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That didn’t sit well with someone at WWL, apparently. After he posted his open letter, someone with access to the station’s Twitter account called him a “fag.”

The tweet calling Dunlap a fag.

The tweet has since been deleted.

WWL tweeted that they are investigating how the tweet happened.

“The content of the tweet is categorically offensive and abhorrent to the station,” WWL wrote on its Twitter account. “We are actively investigating this incident and will take swift and appropriate action once we determine how this occurred.”

Dunlap has not commented on the incident.

Update: Dunlap appears to have posted about the incident on Twitter.

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