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Mike Pence just did a fundraiser for one of the most vile hate groups in America

Mike Pence
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Mike Pence appeared last night at a fundraiser for the Concerned Women for America (CWA), an anti-LGBTQ organization.

CWA is a Christian conservative organization that was formed in 1979 to oppose the National Organization for Women and feminism more generally. They believe that feminism was “taken over by lesbians,” so it’s no surprise they oppose LGBTQ equality as well.

Pence spoke at their 40th anniversary dinner last night, which was – of course – held at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. The gala cost $100 per person for entry.

Pence said that he and Donald Trump are “profoundly grateful” for CWA’s work on many issues, including getting Brett Kavanaugh – who was accused of sexual assault by multiple women – a seat on the Supreme Court.

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He did not specifically mention LGBTQ equality during his speech, but he referred to “freedom of religion” multiple times, as well as how the Trump administration has advanced the “conscience rights of doctors and nurses.”

Earlier this year, the Trump administration passed a rule allowing health care workers to discriminate against LGBTQ people if they cited their religion, which is possibly what Pence was referring to.

CWA has a long history of anti-LGBTQ hatred. In 2010, a CWA spokesperson said, “Homosexual sex is dangerous and destructive to the human body,” and said that gay relationships are much more likely to be abusive.

They repeatedly associate being gay with disease. For example, a 2008 CWA press release said that gay relationships are “an environment… wherein disease can thrive.”

The organization has even called countries that have the death penalty for homosexuality “courageous.”

Despite their decades-long history of the most vile homophobia, Pence – who a White House staffer said last week isn’t homophobic because he is capable of being in the same room as a gay man – helped them raise money and praised their work.

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