Someone at underwear brand aussieBum was liking President Trump's tweets
Someone at underwear brand aussieBum was liking President Trump's tweetsPhoto: Screenshot

The popular underwear brand aussieBum has claimed it’s Twitter account was hacked after followers noticed the brand was liking tweets by President Trump. The alleged hacker apparently did not send any tweets from the account.

After community outcry, the brand responded to critics, saying the incident “was a really bad joke played by someone who unfortunately managed to hack into our Tweeter account.”

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The tweets the company’s account liked included a description of Puerto Rico as “one of the most corrupt places on Earth,”  an attack on Latino immigrants as “illegals” as if a person can be illegal, and a rant about the media as “Fraudulent, Fake, or Corrupt.”

The company later tweeted a general apology statement on Twitter, saying “Hi there- sorry for this! We found out that our account was compromised for a short period of time and someone thought it was funny to like Donald Trump. We have now corrected this and secured our account. Cheers, aussieBum Team”

As our sister site, Queerty, notes:

There are several possibilities to explain why AussieBum liked Trump’s tweets:

#1. They were hacked: I mean… maybe?

#2. Social media illiteracy: Some tech-unsavvy Trump-loving employee in charge of AussieBum’s Twitter account mistakenly thought they were “liking” Trump’s tweets from their personal account which shows bad judgment and poor taste.

#3. The company loves Trump and his policies: But not enough to withstand people drawing attention to it. This too seems unlikely, but hey… stranger things have happened. Perhaps there’s a plan to start marketing to gay Republicans and become the official underwear of Straight Pride?

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