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Welsh resort town plans elaborate network of booby traps for public toilets targeted at gay men

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The Welsh town Porthcawl is planning to spend almost a quarter million dollars to install an elaborate network of measures intended to prevent men from having sex in public restrooms.

The big bucks spent on automatic water hoses, high pitched alarms and weight-sensitive flooring could be used for the resort town’s promotions, but instead they’ll be targeting residents and tourists who are overweight or make jerky motions inside.

If the public toilet’s motion sensors detect “violent movement,” a loud alarm will go off, the door will open, and a high pressure water hose will spray the inside of the facility. “Weight-sensitive floors” will somehow detect if more than one person is inside at a time to prevent ““inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism.”

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Other features aim to prevent homeless people from sleeping inside with more alarms and turning off the lights and heat. Even worse? You’ll have to pay for the potential humiliation.

Obviously, the waste of taxpayer money has met with blowback as locals and the internet point out the glaring problems with the idea. Anyone who is overweight or taking care of a child or disabled person could set off the floor, disabled people could set off the motion detectors, and someone who needs medical attention could get harassment instead.


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