A smart alec gay teen ruined a Trump rally with one spontaneous tweet

Donald Trump speaks at a rally
Donald Trump speaks at a rallyPhoto: Shutterstock

A gay teen disrupted a Trump rally with an amazing troll.

Noah, 17, suggested that his followers on Twitter reserve tickets on Donald Trump’s website for his rallies. The tickets are free, Noah said, and the more people who get tickets and don’t go, the more empty seats there will be.

“Hey everyone you totally shouldn’t go on tr*mp’s website and reserve tickets for his rally and not show up so that there’s empty seats (the tickets are free) but you should definitely not do that!!”

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The tweet was retweeted over 35,000 times and many of the responses were from people who said that they reserved seats.

But what’s even more amazing is that Noah’s plan worked.

The Gateway Pundit, far-right website, ran a story several days after Noah’s original tweet saying that at a Trump rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, thousands of people were turned away while there were plenty of empty seats in the venue. One attendee said he “watched authorities force away thousands of people trying to get into the SNHU, that waited in line for hours.”

Photos from the rally showed empty seats, while thousands of people had to watch on a screen outside.

People were talking so much about the empty seats that #EmptySeatMAGATour started trending on Twitter.


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