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Former GOP Congressman Aaron Schock comes out in leaked chat with gay supporter

Former Congressman Aaron Schock
Former Congressman Aaron SchockPhoto: Instagram

Former Republican Congressman Aaron Schock, who voted in favor of antigay legislation while in office, appears to be taking one step out of the closet. In a leaked chat conversation published by our sister site, Queerty , the former politician tells Edwin Montanez, a gay supporter, that he’s started the process of officially coming out.

“Again, just to be clear, these are screenshots from an alleged private chat. Their validity has not been verified, though they appear to be legit,” the site warns. Montanez appears to be the source of the leak since the screenshots are watermarked “ME AND SCHOCK.”

Schock was a reliably anti-gay vote for Republicans, despite the parade of young men who visited his DC apartment, and his outing by journalist Itay Hod in 2014. Hod claimed he had walked in on his male roommate and Schock showering together.

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In the lengthy back-and-forth, Montanez starts the chat telling Schock that he’s upset with the constant reports about the former Congressman making out with men, carousing with male strippers, and leaked naked photos of the politician. Schock responds to thank Montanez for his support and castigates LGBTQ people “who preach tolerance, acceptance and compassion” for denigrating him online as a hypocrite.

“I just feel they’re upset about your past policies toward gay people and now it’s coming out your into men,” Montanez replies. “I think they feel upset and hurt.”

“I understand all of that,” Schock sent back. “We each have our own journey. Obviously I hadn’t come to terms with my sexuality 11 years ago when those votes were cast.”

“I plan to speak, but right now I’m dealing with my family who I was in the process of coming out to when the Coachella video went viral. Not exactly how you want your mom to find out.

“They act as though I’ve been living a gay life the past ten years. I’ve been out office for 4 years. I started coming out a year ago. I don’t know any gay man who’s told the whole world at once.”

The video of Schock making out and shoving his hands down another man’s shorts at Coachella was also first published by Queerty.

The lengthy conversation continues into talk about being “buds” and sexual innuendo about the former Congressman’s leaked nude photos. Head over to Queerty to read the entire chat conversation – including all the peach emojis you can stand.

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