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A pink baby shirt was returned with a note saying Dad doesn’t want his son wearing it

The pink T-shirt with a giraffe on it
Photo: Fred & Noah

A baby clothes store said that a pink T-shirt was returned to them because a dad won’t let his son wear it.

The UK clothing store Fred & Noah posted on social media that a pink T-shirt with a giraffe on it was returned to them, along with a note from the mother.

“Beautiful top but my husband won’t let my son wear it,” the note said.

They posted an image of the shirt, too.

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“This got me thinking, are we dressing our sons in pink if they want to wear it?” the store wrote in the post.

We had a pink T shirt returned to us today and the reason stated “ Beautiful top but my husband won’t let my son wear…

Posted by Fred & Noah on Friday, June 28, 2019

The comments under the post are generally supportive, with people posting pictures of their sons in various shades of pink.

The pink shirt is available for 16 GBP ($20 US) on Fred & Noah’s website.

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