This model said she is transgender, but now admits it was all a lie

Carissa Pinkston
Carissa PinkstonPhoto: Instagram Live

Model Carissa Pinkston is apologizing for pretending to be a transgender woman to avoid criticism for being transphobic. In a plot straight of a bad comedy, Pinkston’s ridiculously bad decisions left her without a job and minus several friends as well.

In now deleted Facebook posts, the model posted that transgender women are not “real” women. Using the name “Rissa Danielle,” Pinkston repeatedly put up anti-trans comments and according to Paper, also compared trans people to pedophiles on Instagram Live video.

Pinkston was quickly dumped by her agency after she was revealed to be Danielle, but the model’s apology left people scratching their heads. She said she didn’t intend to be transphobic, because she is, herself, transgender and was simply lashing out because “it’s been very hard to keep this secret.”

“I wasn’t ready to come about it yet but today I got fired and I’ve been receiving hate mail and death threats ever since so I’m being forced to tell the truth,” she wrote. “I’m Transgender. I transitioned at a very young age and I’ve lived my Life as a female ever since. It’s been very hard to keep this secret but what I said about Trans-Women is a direct reflection of my inner securities and I have since come to realize that I am a Woman. WE ALL ARE!”

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In reality, Pinkston is not transgender. She is cisgender — and her friends and coworkers were quick to point that out.

Fellow model Aleece Wilson replied to the post saying, “It’s terrible and disgusting that you’re lying to thousands of people …. That clout sh*t is said (sad).”

“Imagine being a model who got exposed for being a raging transphobe/saying estremely transphobic shit in the past and then resorting to LYING ABOUT BEING TRANSGENDER ONLINE FOR CLOUT IN ATTEMPT TO SAVE YOUR CAREER …? I know this person irl and she is SO CISGENDER??” Aaron Philip also posted.

After being busted lying about her gender identity, Pinkston apologized again.

“I apologize for any transphobic remark I’ve ever made towards the Trans community,” she wrote in another post. “I panicked and I thought if I came out as Trans that I could somehow make things better for myself but it appears I’ve only made things worse. I’m truly sorry. I’m only 20 and I’m human. I make mistakes but I refuse to let them define me. I hope you all can forgive me and move on from this because I’m so much more than this incident and I’m not a coward.”

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