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A Catholic journalist exploded in rage over gay penguins at the zoo

Penguins with a Pride sign
Photo: London Zoo

Penguins often pair up with a penguin of the same sex, with many of those turning out to be great parents for baby chicks, so much so that a zoo opted to display a pride-themed banner for their penguins.

But a Catholic journalist is outraged because people are telling children that the penguins aren’t all straight.

In honor of Pride Month, the London Zoo placed a miniature banner in the style of others designed by the Stonewall UK charity. It read “Some Penguins Are Gay. Get Over it.”

The banner was also in honor of a pair of penguins housed at the zoo, Ronnie and Reggie, who became a pair in 2014. They became known for adopting an abandoned egg. They later shared parenting duties after their chick, Kyton, was born the following year. 

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Caroline Farrow, a self-described, “journalist, writer, and media commentator” who focuses on defending Catholic affairs, took offense to the zoo’s pride festivities, using her Twitter account to speak out against the banner.

“The point being deliberately missed here is that this sign forces families to discuss a topic with their children that they feel their kids may not be emotionally ready for,” said Farrow. “It’s politicization and an intrusion into family life.”

“Imagine taking your 6-year-old to London zoo and them asking you which penguins are gay,” Farrow said. “It’s nonsense like this which is causing a pushback. Which isn’t hatred but people saying enough. Stop pushing your values on my children.”

She also tried to draw an unusual comparison between orientation and religion, saying, “Imagine the reaction of the National Secular Society or the British Humanists if London zoo had a sign saying some emus are Catholic; get over it?!”

The London Zoo has not, apparently, responded to Farrow’s concerns.

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