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A straight couple behaving badly caused the panicked stampede at DC’s Pride parade

Aftabjit Singh was arrested for causing a stampede at DC's Capital Pride parade
Aftabjit Singh was arrested for causing a stampede at DC's Capital Pride paradePhoto: Screenshot

A straight couple triggered the mass shooting scare that caused a stampede at DC’s Capital Pride parade. Both were arrested.

Aftabjit Singh and Melissa Duffy were put in custody after Singh pointed a BB gun at another man he accused of assaulting his partner. Duffy was arrested for assaulting a police officer a short while later.

Spectators fled in panic after Singh pulled out the realistic-looking silver gun. Seven people sustained injuries in the stampede through city streets as partiers knocked down metal barriers and each other in an attempt to escape what they thought was a mass shooting.

“While canvassing the south side of the park, Officer Maio was flagged down by a concerned citizen who pointed out Suspect 1 and stated he was the individual that had a gun in his bag,” a police report released by the city says. “The concerned citizen also indicated a brown bag that was laying underneath a tree.”

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“Officer Maio observed Suspect 1 approaching the bag and conducted a stop. Upon observing the indicated bag, which was partially open, Officer Maio observed what appeared to be the body and trigger of a silver handgun. Suspect 1 claimed he pulled out the gun on an unidentified individual who was hitting his significant other,” the report says.

Singh was arrested on the scene and charged with three gun-related offenses and “Disorderly Conduct — Cause Unreasonable Fear.”

Duffy, who described herself as Singh’s “significant other” to police, was arrested on assault charges after she became upset that he had been arrested.

“Suspect 1 [Duffy] began to become irate and started to kick and scream towards officers,” the report says. “Suspect 1 kicked Victim 1 [a police officer] in the chest and right arm causing the listed injuries,” the report says. The officer did not require medical treatment.

Both Singh and Duffy will appear before the court today to answer the charges.

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