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Unhinged Trump-supporter wants Brian Sims to ‘prove’ he’s gay

Brian Sims
Brian SimsPhoto: Facebook: Brian Sims

Right-wing Trump-supporter and YouTuber Brenden Dilley recently posted a video in which he expressed disbelief about the sexual orientation of out gay Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims. He then distastefully called upon Sims to “prove” his gayness.

Sims, a liberal firebrand known for his nonstop advocacy for LGBTQ rights and his unique take on politics, was re-elected to his state’s House of Representatives last November. He has long posted images of himself at Pride events, hanging out with gay friends and even shots of his boyfriend on social media.

But apparently that’s all a hoax, according to Dilley.

On a recently posted YouTube video, Dilley said:

“A little birdie from Pennsylvania told me something. A little birdie from Pennsylvania who’s plugged in with the politics in, uh, Pennsylvania. And I’m gonna put this out there, and I’m gonna tell you what I was told from somebody that I trust explicitly. Now, this is just rumor, but it doesn’t have to be true in 2019 — it just has to go viral. But this one is actually grounded in truth.

That c*cksucker from Pennsylvania, you know the one, the one that accosted that old woman, that f*ckin’ attacked her, made her go f*ckin’ viral. She didn’t wanna be on video. He’s accosting her, harassing her. The guy who literally paid to dox underage children, Brian Sims. This dude’s not f*ckin’ gay. Sims doesn’t like the d*ck. The rumor in Pennsylvania is that Sims pretends to be gay because it provides coverage for his behavior. Because he knows that anybody who goes against him can be accused of being called a bigot. And the rumor in the political circles in PA is this motherf*cker is straight and that he only acts gay so that he can get coverage from the LGBTQ community and Democrats. Wrap your f*ckin’ mind around that.

You wanna find a hole to dig into? Find out if Sims is gay. There’s your f*ckin’, there’s your homework, audience. Find out if Sims is actually gay. Because if this f*cking guy is pretending to be gay so that he can be and do the sh*t that he is doing, because they know that in the PC world we live in that attacking a gay man is you’ll be accused of being a bigot, all kinds of crazy sh*t, if this f*ckin’ dude is straight, that needs to be exposed. That is a nuclear bomb in the culture war. If you can identify and f*cking prove that this guy is actually straight, that is a nuclear bomb in the culture war and it goes against one of their greatest tools which is telling you you’re a bigot for attacking a “gay man” or woman. F*ck that. I don’t think he’s gay. I don’t think he’s gay, and I think we need to prove it.

Sims, you wanted to bring the f*cking heat on yourself, the attention. Here’s your homework: Find me Sims’ girlfriend. This dude is not gay. I’m tellin’ you we should f*ckin’ demand we see him suck a d*ck before we’ll believe he’s gay. You’re not gay, dude. Suck a d*ck. I don’t believe you. A gay guy would do it. Suck a d*ck. Go.”

The “assault” Dilley refers to at the beginning of his rant wasn’t at all physical. He’s referring to a recent video in which Sims berates an anti-abortion protestor for protesting young women at a Planned Parenthood clinic.  Sims later called his actions “aggressive” and one of “two wrongs” but stopped short of apologizing.

In another video posted by Sims, he offered viewers $100 to identify three teenage girls protesting at the Planned Parenthood. The offer could’ve compelled social media users to publicly release the minors’ personal details and contact information making them a target for harassment, something known as “doxxing.”

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Regardless, Dilley’s claims against Sims faking his homosexuality are absurdly homophobic. That Dilley resorts to extraneous swearing and an unnamed source to peddle such a claim shows how junky his conspiracy peddling is.

Sims is his state’s the first openly gay elected official. In December 2017, when antigay Republican politician Daryl Metcalfe pre-planned a public gay panic outburst in response to a Democratic lawmaker touching his sleeve, Sims called him out, stating:

“On the same day that the Pa House Republicans are trying to fast track the most anti-trans bill in the country, their head bigot, PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe disrupted a State Government Committee meeting this morning – about a land use bill! – to loudly declare his heterosexuality!

You can’t make this stuff up! The most homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic member of our government is using legislative time, and tax payer dollars, to interupt [sic] a meeting to announce his sexual orientation,” Sims wrote in a Facebook post.

“THIS is what dealing with Republicans in Pennsylvania has become. THIS is why they’re attacking our youngest and most vulnerable members of the LGBT community. THIS is what a broken moral compass, combined with gerrymandered, false leadership looks like.”

Sims made national headlines when he told Vice President Mike Pence to “get bent” on social media before Pence’s scheduled visit to Sims’ heavily LGBTQ district in Philadelphia. Sims was flipping the middle finger to the camera in the photo. Sims has also said there are over a dozen closeted state legislators in Pennsylvania.

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