This Twitter thread about helping LGBTQ asylum seekers has gone viral for all the right reasons

Estrellita and Cataleya
Estrellita and Cataleya were helped by Raices at the border.Photo: Raices/Twitter

An organization shared an inspiring story of going to Mexico City and helping LGBTQ asylum seekers get to the U.S.

RAICES, a Texas nonprofit that provides legal services related to immigration, posted the story on Twitter about how they sent a team to Mexico City to help travelers coming to the U.S. this past November.

When they got there, they met a group of over 100 LGBTQ emigrants who were particularly in danger, like Crystal, who left Honduras because of transphobic violence.

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Raices bought them bus tickets to Tijuana to speed up their journey. Some of them had been walking for weeks.

They helped the asylum seekers navigate the system, which now requires them to stay in Mexico until a judge can rule on their cases.

Angner from Guatemala wants to come to the U.S. because he’s afraid he’ll be killed for being gay.

Raices also looked for sponsors for the asylum seekers.

And people are getting asylum.

Raices ended their story by asking for financial support.

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