Perez Hilton outs Sultan of Brunei’s son after country enacts new law that would stone gay people

Oct 5, 2017. Brunei's Sultan marked 50 years on the throne with a glittering procession which included the monarch being carried past huge crowds of well-wishers in a chariot.Photo: Shutterstock

Perez Hilton has outed the Sultan of Brunei’s son – fourth in line to the throne – as a gay man after his father enacted Shariah law in the country. The punishment for homosexuality and adultery is death from stoning.

As worldwide outrage mounts and calls to boycott the Sultan’s chain of luxury hotels and airline, Hilton alleged that Prince Azim is gay in a video he uploaded to YouTube.

The young royal has frequently been photographed with queer celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Gus Kenworthy. After blowback from activists, Kenworthy deleted a photo he had uploaded to social media of the two of them together at a party hosted by the prince.

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Azim, know for his lavish parties with celebrity-studded guest lists where the booze flows freely despite also being banned under the law. His brother, Prince Jefri, is also reportedly “hedonistic” and adultery would be his fatal sin.

Both men would be put to death under their father’s law.

“Y’all know I don’t out people anymore,” Perez said in the video. “I used to do that back in the day but I’m making an exception here. I’m guessing the Sultan of Brunei doesn’t know that his son, Prince Azim, is a big old homo. I would know because I have spent time with Prince Azim.”

“It’s so hypocritical this guy’s son is a big flamer, and now he’s enacted a law to stone to death gay men.”

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