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Omar Sharif Jr. challenges Sultan of Brunei to execute his son if gays should be stoned to death

Omar Sharif Jr. challenges Sultan of Brunei to execute his son if gays should be stoned to death
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Actor and activist Omar Sharif Jr. has issued a stunning challenge to the Sultan of Brunei after the country instituted Sharia law – including stoning people to death as punishment for being gay.

Perez Hilton outed Prince Azim as gay, describing him as “a flamer,” and Sharif seemed to confirm the rumor as well. Representatives for the royal family have not confirmed or denied the allegation.

So Sharif’s challenge is simple. He’ll volunteer to be executed if the Sultan will execute his son first – and do it himself.

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“I will volunteer myself second to be executed according to Brunei’s new anti-lgbt law on the condition that the Sultan’s son is first, and that the Sultan himself cast the first and last stones,” Sharif sent to Twitter.

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As worldwide outrage mounts and calls to boycott the Sultan’s chain of luxury hotels and airline, Hilton alleged that Prince Azim is gay in a video he uploaded to YouTube.

The young royal has frequently been photographed with queer celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Gus Kenworthy. After blowback from activists, Kenworthy deleted a photo he had uploaded to social media of the two of them together at a party hosted by the prince.

Azim, known for his lavish parties with celebrity-studded guest lists where the booze flows freely despite also being banned under the law. His brother, Prince Jefri, is also reportedly “hedonistic” and adultery would be his fatal sin.

Both men would be put to death under their father’s law.


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