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An LGBTQ-friendly church covered up ‘United Methodist’ in its sign in protest of anti-LGBTQ ban

The church sign with a rainbow banner covering up "United Methodist"
Photo: Twitter

An LGBTQ-friendly church has covered up the words “United Methodist” on its sign in protest of a decision by the international church organizing body.

Last week General Conference of the United Methodist Church’s voted to reaffirm its anti-LGBTQ teaching that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching” and to punish individual churches that violate its ban on same-sex marriages and LGBTQ clergy.

The Northaven United Methodist Church in Dallas voted to allow weddings for same-sex couples at the church.

This past Sunday, congregants found the words “United Methodist” were covered up with a giant rainbow flag on the church sign in front of Northaven.

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“A church that legislates exclusion and homophobia is a church that has left us,” the church tweeted with an image of the sign.

Before service, Reverend Marti Soper promised that nothing would change at the church. Soper wore a rainbow stole.

The diocese can punish Northaven for its LGBTQ-friendly stances, although Soper said that she believes that they will only face minor consequences because the Diocese of Dallas is fairly liberal.

Soper said that while they may consider leaving the denomination, that won’t be easy. Her salary and their church’s mortgage payments come from the denomination, the Dallas Voice reports.

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