Taylor Swift surprised a gay fan at his engagement party & her fans are living for it

Alex Goldschmidt, Ross Girard, and Taylor Swift
Alex Goldschmidt, Ross Girard, and Taylor SwiftPhoto: Instagram

Taylor Swift gave one fan the surprise of a lifetime when she showed up unannounced at his engagement party.

When Alex Goldschmidt decided to propose to his partner, Ross Girard, he was listening to Swift’s song, “King of my Heart.” So what else is a good gay to do than send her an email asking her to be a part of their engagement party?

And she said “yes” too.

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Swift surprised Girard and the guests with a few jokes and a special personal rendition of the song that spurred Goldschmidt to propose. Girard’s reaction when she walks into the room is priceless – as are his memories of one helluva party.

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