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This ex-gay writer says that masturbation might be a form of ‘homosexual behavior’

David Kyle Foster
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Ex-gay author David Kyle Foster has some strong feelings about masturbation, saying that it’s just like homosexuality… especially if you’re a man who thinks about other men while doing it.

Taking to fringe right-wing religious site Charisma News, Foster said, “A person who practices masturbation without imagining sex with someone is rare indeed, if he or she exists at all.”

“On that basis, the practice is tantamount to engaging in adultery, fornication, homosexual behavior or any number of other sexual practices that the mind can imagine — even idolatry, as revealed in Ephesians 5:5, Colossians 3:5 and Ezekiel 23:49. In a certain sense, it could be said that masturbation is a form of mental pornography, which we all know to be sinful.”

Foster does acknowledge, however, that the Bible is curiously quiet on the subject itself, saying that his holy book “doesn’t directly address masturbation.”

“We are left to cobble together biblical principles to come up with some idea of whether or not it is sinful, just as we do with subjects like gambling, smoking, etc.,” says Foster.

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As an alternative to masturbation, Foster recommends “pursuing intimacy” with God himself as an alternative, claiming that, “Greater love for God comes as a fruit of taking the time to know Him intimately.”

Foster himself is an ex-gay speaker who claims he went through “hundreds of partners” in his younger years, only to repress his homosexuality after witnessing older gay men in a bar. 

“The old men drank themselves into a stupor every night because they were no longer young and beautiful,” he says in his own biography. “And as a result, no one wanted them. The only sex they got was when they paid young teens to go to bed with them.”

Foster went on to form his own ministry, Mastering Life Ministries, also known as Pure Passion Media, in 1987. He has also produced several books and movies as part of his ministry, including How Do You Like Me Now? When a Child, Parent, Spouse or Sibling Says They’re Gay and Tranzformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender.

One can hope he will soon create his epic tale of recovering from masturbation by taking the lord’s hand.  

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