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Your emoji is about to update again & this time it’s particularly queer

Two women holding hands emoji
Photo: Emojipedia

The Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji and includes Apple, Microsoft, and Google, announced 230 new emoji for 2019.

Most of the symbols released in emoji 12.0 are images of people holding hands.

Emoji already existed for a man and a woman holding hands, two men holding hands, and two women holding hands, and now there’s an emoji for two gender-neutral people holding hands.

gender-neutral people holding hands

Skin tone support was added for all the different couples, too.

An emoji of a black and white man holding hands

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Another new emoji is attracting attention as well – the pinching hand.

A hand making the “un poco” gesture (with support for various skin tones) has been added.

Pinching hands emoji

And a lot of people are associating it with penis size….

Among the other emoji introduced this year are a yawning face, garlic, and several symbols associated with disabilities. The transgender flag is still missing.

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